SurJourney : A UG’s Guide to any Basic Surgery

The art of surgery, along with other specialities is subtle and therefore requires skillful management, excellent coordination, and integrated discipline.

To bring out the subtleties and intricacies of a real-time surgery, Cutting Edge, the surgical society of Kasturba Medical College Manipal , hosted an online workshop titled “SurJourney“:

🧬A panel discussion of the processes of a successfully conducted operation involving an interwoven multidisciplinary approach as a reflection of operation theatre coordination and control🧬

The panelists’ for the event were Dr. Amith Alankar, a Senior resident in the Orthopedics Department of Kasturba Hospital Manipal, and Dr. Tirth Vasa, an Anesthesiologist at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai. The polling system for our event was hosted by Vevox. The moderator for the event was Adish Joshi, the Treasurer at Cutting Edge Manipal.