Suture like a Surgeon

A considerable fraction of Manipal’s student population are medical students. Training to be a doctor goes beyond just saving lives- it comprises of, among other things, alleviating physical pains, non-invasive and invasive surgeries, and stitching the patients back to perfection! The rising doctors of Manipal, from the Cutting Edge club, understand the importance of the final steps of surgery and immerse themselves and enjoy the experience.

A Suturing workshop was conducted by KMC’s Surgical society, ‘The Cutting Edge‘. The workshop spanned 2 days (12th and 13th May), commencing at 5:30 PM, at the Interact Halls.

On the first day, of the workshop, participants were divided into small groups and each group was allotted one crew member. The participants witnessed demonstrations of types of suturing techniques namely, simple interrupted and simple continuous. Following the demonstration, participants were made to practice their suturing skills while under supervision by the crew members.

The workshop saw a huge turnover of about 90 participants. The end of the workshop was marked by a teaser to the participants about the grand suturing event that will be conducted towards the end of the club’s current term.

On the second day, despite being held after a long day, there was enthusiastic participation from all ends.

Two new sutures were taught to the keen medical students: Vertical and Horizontal Mattress sutures. The organizers first demonstrated their dexterity with the stitches and explained the correct procedure for making them. With a lot of patience and care, they attended to each participant and simplified the process. In less than two hours, everyone had perfected the sutures.

All the participants were bubbling with excitement about their newfound knowledge. The organizers were pleased to achieve their primary goal of cultivating surgical interest among students. Overall, the event was a huge success.

Written by Namrata Gupta and Ishita Sharma for MTTN

Featured Image by Cutting Edge

Edited by Aditi Atreya for MTTN

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