Team 2020

Zehra Siddiqui


I’m Zehra Siddiqui, your president for the upcoming year.
It’s my 4th year in Cutting Edge and I’m really delighted with the progress our committee has made in the last 4 years and I genuinely aspire to take both Cutting Edge and Asterion to greater heights.
This year, our committee is full of enthusiastic, diligent and innovative minds and I greatly look forward to working with them to provide you all with a bigger and better Cutting Edge experience.
Remember “The world can only be grasped by action, not by thoughts. The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.” So do not wait! Together, we can make a difference this year by enriching ourselves with more knowledge and gaining more practical exposure, thus, moving a step closer to becoming more valuable doctors.
Looking forward to seeing you at our events.
Always feel free to approach me regarding any queries/suggestions that you may have

Mahisha Virdiana

Vice President

Hello everybody!
I’m Mahisha Virdiana, serving as Vice President, Cutting Edge, 2020.
It’s an absolute honour to be part of an amazing team and a real privilege to be given this opportunity! This year, I promise to go past delivering my responsibilities and see Cutting Edge reach glorious heights.
I am confident that such ambitions will not turn to ashes with the brilliant, talented, I’m-super-excited-to-work-with committee members we have

Dhyana Shivakumar

General Secretary

Hi everyone! I’m Dhyana Shivakumar and I’m the General Secretary for Cutting Edge 2020. Picturing yourself wielding a scalpel is scary. It’s scary because one tiny mistake from our side might cost someone their life. I hope that the various workshops that we conduct in CE will help us tide over this fear and help us become more confident in our abilities. I’m super excited to be part of the team and I’m looking forward to another year in CE. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions

Anoush Sardesai

Student Advisor

“Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.” ~B. R. Ambedkar
Hiya! Being in this committee for the past three years has been an amazing experience. To me, surgery never feels just a subject, but also a beautiful art, which is an honour to be taught. As Cutting Edge is entering it’s 8th year of working, we hope to bring to you many more fun filled workshops, lectures and so much more. We will persevere to teach surgical skills to the best of our ability. The current committee is filled with enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative individuals and I look forward to working with them this year. It’s a beautiful day to save lives.

Sumedha Madhivanan


Hey there!
I’m Sumedha Madhivanan and I’ll be serving as the Treasurer of Cutting Edge Surgical society for this term.
My work is to deal with the finances of all the wonderful workshops and other activities that we have planned for you in the upcoming year!
Surgery is a skill acquired by practice and we as a committee promise you all the practice you can get. You can’t put a price on something like that!

Rhea Chandwani

International Representative

Hello there!
My name is Rhea Chandwani and I’m the International representative for Cutting Edge, 2020.
I handle collaborations with other international surgical societies so that we can bring like-minded people from across the globe together to share their love for surgery!
We start off by being mere spectators in the OT and the goal is to one day say, “Scalpel, please.

Akshata Ammembal

Education and Skills Representative

Hey everyone! as an Educational and Skills Representative. It’s my responsibility to think up ideas for new workshops and lectures, to organize them, and to update existing Workshops with respect to the newest developments in technology and surgery. As an Education and skill representative, it is also my job to interact with all of you, and to integrate your ideas and input into the general scheme. I’m really looking forward to a great year ahead!Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries you may have!

Saisreeram Kandula

Education and Skills Representative

Hello everyone!
I’m Saisreeram Kandula, one of the Education and Skills Representatives for this year. This is my first year in Cutting Edge and I’m really excited.
As an ESR, I’ll be getting an amazing opportunity to teach you all some surgery skills that are really important foundation stones for any surgeon.
You can approach me any time for queries or suggestions.


Education and Skills Representative

Hello everyone! This is Swarupa, I will be the Education and Skills Representative for the year 2019-20.
This is my first year in the committee and I can’t be more thrilled to be working for the committee.
We will always strive to bring forth extremely helpful and at the same time exciting workshops.


Publicity and Web Representative

“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”
Hello everyone!
I am Raj and I am one of the Publicity and Web Representatives for Cutting Edge 2020. My job is to make posters and write ups which reach you guys, so I try my best to make them look good.
This is my 3rd year in the committee amd each year has been an amazing experience. I hope this year is just as great and you guys enjoy our events.
P.S. The quote above has nothing to do with anything, I just like it a lot 😛

Abhishek Chauhan

Publicity and Web Representative

Hi everyone!
I am Abhishek Chauhan and I’m one of the Publicity and Web Representive for Cutting Edge 2020.
I look forward to working with the rest of the team. It is my responsibility to make sure that the all of you aremup-to date with the latest workshops, lectures and other events we have planned for you.
Feel free to contact me if you have any queries!

Shashank Tomer

Publicity and Web Representative

Bitten by the medical bug for long,
is enthusiastic about surgery and is eager to learn more
about techniques relevant to this amazing discipline.

Ritika Pathak

Publicity and Web Representative

I am Ritika Pathak, one of the Publicity and Web Representatives. This is my 1st year in the committee and I am super pumped up to work with rest of the team. Surgery is a skill needs to be honed on a grindstone of practice. After all, practice does make a man/woman perfect. It’s my job to keep you guys informed about the latest events & workshops through our website and social media.
Feel free to contact me if you have any queries

Raj Parag Gohil

Publicity and Web Representative

I’m Raj Parag Gohil and I am part of the Publicity and Web Representatives Team of Cutting Edge Manipal. Being a first year student, it’s a great privilege to be a part of this club. I’m passionate about everything that requires skillfulness and involves kinesthetic learning, and hence surgery is the most appealing to me in the medical field. I’ll be lucky to work with a great team this year and involve you all with our fun-filled workshops, lectures and demonstrations.
Hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Jaya Srivastava

Fourth Year Batch Representative

Hi everyone, I’m Jaya Srivastava the 4th year batch representative for Cutting Edge 2020. Being one of the newest additions to the society I am extremely excited to work with this amazing team and help make every event we organize one of your best learning experiences of med school. I assure you that everything you learn here will help build a strong foundation and enhance your surgical skills for the future. My job will be to inform you about events and workshops being conducted and convey all necessary information on time so please feel free to contact me regarding any queries you might have.

Saara Dabral

Third Year Batch Representative

Hi, this is Saara Dabral and I am the batch representative for 3rd year. Here at Cutting Edge our work is to make the most basic skills of surgery second nature to you, which will help us become more efficient professionals in the future. My role as a batch representative makes me the link between the committee and the students of my batch, spreading information about the workshops and lectures, ensuring that right information reaches the people at the right time and I plan to do exactly that. This year, we hope to bring more fun and exciting workshops and informative lectures and help streamline the process of making better doctors/surgeons out of all of us.Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Sreya Manoj

Second Year Batch Representative

Hello everyone
I am Sreya Manoj, your second year batch representative for Cutting Edge 2020.
I’ll be working to coordinate our workshops and lectures with my batch members and will ensure all of you are rightly informed about our various activities.We will all be working towards bringing more fun and exciting workshops for you throughout the year.
Feel free to contact me regarding any queries or issues.

Yatra Vasa

First Year Batch Representative

With a scalpel in your hand you feel unstoppable. There’s no fear, there’s no pain. You’re ten feet tall and bullet proof. Hello! My name is Yatra Nayan Vasa and I am the Batch Representative for this year. It is my first year being in this academic club yet the people in this club already feel like family. I am very new to these skills but I look forward to learning them and spreading that knowledge through interactive workshops, CMEs and lectures. The most important class you can take is technique. One has to learn the process; learn it through endless repetition until it belongs to you, and this is what Cutting Edge brings to you. I look forward to creating new memories, and learning. The carousel never stops turning.