Alternative for Hernia Repair in Poor Countries: Study

Where commercial mesh is too expensive, researchers say this affordable innovation might improve access to the surgery.

Study has revealed that low-cost mosquito mesh will be a good alternative for hernia repair in poor countries.

Synthetic mesh is the preferred method for repairing groin hernias, because it carries a lower risk of infection than stitches, the researchers explained.

But this operation is performed infrequently in poor countries because surgical mesh is too costly, said study author Dr. Jenny Lofgren, who’s with the department of surgical and perioperative sciences at Umea University in Sweden.

“In these settings, the surgical quality is compromised due to the lack of resources,” said Lofgren.

“The mesh that is used in high-income settings to reinforce the abdominal wall, and to minimize the risk of recurrence of the hernia, is not affordable to either the health care systems or to the patients,” she explained.

However, her team found that sterilized mosquito netting appears as safe and effective as commercial mesh, at a fraction of the cost.