Asterion 2020

Asterion is a medical academic fest like no other. With its first edition in 2018, it has only continued to grow bigger and better every year. Asterion is the annual collaborative effort of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal’s three student-run academic clubs — Cutting Edge, the student surgical society, Tempus Pretioso, the emergency medicine club and Justitia, the forensic medicine club.

Cutting Edge as a club honours the values of both tradition and innovation, continually seen through our evolving social media, and in-real-life lectures and workshops. Asterion is the best chance for students outside of Manipal to have a taste of a slice of excellence that is Cutting Edge, and for students and club members in Manipal to experience in an
event-dense course of 4 days, the best of what we have to offer.

This year, we host Asterion online, without compromise on the two most sought-after, trademark events, Treasure Hunt and Enigma. We are also proud to present MEDx and The Whiz Craft, new events that we hope excite you as much as they do us.

Marked on every Manipal Medico’s calendar as the ultimate battle of brawn and brains, our traditional Treasure Hunt has always been a highly anticipated event that garners hoards of students running all around campus to collect clues and beat the other teams to the prize. We might not have the manipal monsoons raining down on our quest to find gold this time, but we can guarantee you that there is still a hunt to be held and treasure to be found.

Enigma, like it’s namesake, has never failed to puzzle new and old players alike. Each Enigma is carefully curated to exact the same kind of adrenaline rush one gets from riding a roller coaster — with clues strewn over a mystery room, solve as many as you can and race against a ticking time bomb to reach the crescendoing finale. We promise you, we are bringing this escape-room inspired event to the comfort of your couch this year!

Drawing strength and hope from others’ life experiences is a human construct. With MEDx, we bring to you a seminar by Dr. Faiz U Ahmad, a practising neurosurgeon in the United States about his journey to landing a prestigious specialty within the field of medicine and realising the American Dream. Settle down with a cup of chai as you listen to his story and wisdom!

Learning is the way of life in Medicine. The Whiz Craft, our direct joint effort with Justitia and Tempus Pretioso aims to reinforce this sentiment through a quirky online quiz that’s got equal parts from each subject! Made with love and served with lots of fun, The Whiz Craft assures you’ll have a great time.

Exciting cash prizes are to be won for each event. The learning of a lifetime and idiosyncratic Manipal experience awaits!