Can Surgeons Be Trained Using Gaming Technology?

The Oculus Rift to be used to train surgeons? Read on to find out more about this unexpected, but possible, collaboration between surgery and gaming technology!


August 2014 saw the first ever “virtual reality operation,” conducted as part of research into how the Oculus Rift headset may benefit surgical training. You can view the footage of the first ever Oculus Rift Surgery in the video below:

The project was conceived by Rémi Rousseau, a French engineer and VR enthusiast who, via his physician wife, identified the technology’s potential as a training aid for surgeons. Rousseau partnered with the medical research fundraising body MOVEO Foundation to demonstrate, in a practical sense, what role the Oculus Rift might play in this.

Rousseau explains that using VR for training purposes is not new, with virtual reality simulated environments having been used in military training for more than 35 years.