Talk Neuro To Me: Lecture By Dr. Girish Menon

On the 6th of August 2015, Dr. Girish Menon, HOD of Neurosurgery, KMC, Manipal, took time to give us an insight into the field. Dr. Menon has been a professor in the department of neurosurgery at KMC since December 2010. He has received his MBBS degree from Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala in the year 1989. His areas of interest include cerebrovascular surgeries, sellar suprasellar tumors, neuroendoscopy and epilepsy surgeries. His operative log contains nearly 3000 surgeries. Dr. Menon is actively involved in research projects and one of his current ones includes using bovine pericardium as a substitute for dura mater.
He began the lecture by telling us why he chose this particular field and how times have changed in the field of medicine. His talk focused on the changing trends and advances of neurosurgery. Dr. Menon spoke to us about the various kinds of surgeries performed here at Kasturba Hospital and about introducing epilepsy surgery soon. The audience ranged from 5th semester students to interns.