The Untrodden Path of Surgery: Lecture by Dr. S. S. Prasad

On the 30th of April 2015, Dr. S. S. Prasad, Head of Unit 8 of Dept. of Surgery, gave a talk to the MBBS students of KMC, Manipal on the field of trauma surgery. Dr. Prasad has been a professor in the department of surgery, KMC, Manipal since 2005. He has received his MBBS degree in the year 1999 from Mysore Medical College, Mysore. His areas of interest include colorectal surgery under gastrointestinal surgery. Dr. Prasad’s research projects include clinical application of thermography.
Dr. Prasad’s talk steered away from the mundane initial-PowerPoint Presentation-and-a-later-Q&A session. The lecture was a very interactive session, which began by Dr. Prasad telling us what the field of trauma surgery entails. He cited personal examples of the kinds of cases seen here at Kasturba Hospital. The talk focused on the importance given to the field in India, how trauma surgery is viewed differently in the West, what the field demands of you as a trauma surgeon and the evergreen question: why trauma surgery?
The lecture was a success with us receiving a positive feedback and was attended by MBBS students of all semesters, including interns.