Throwback Thursday

Interview by: Utkarsh Agrawal, Saanya Chhabra

Design by: Saachi Kurudi

1. As a medical student, what inspired you to choose surgery and later Urology as a resident?

 Indeed I did not want to become a Surgeon , my interest was in Medicine. The Medical Director then inspired me to take up Surgery .After Surgery , I felt Urology was the only speciality were you can work on your own without the requirement of the team.

2. If you had to give advice to your first year MBBS self what would it be?

MBBS is exciting as well as challenging profession. Stay focused and organised. Be motivated and ask for help when required.

3. How has your life changed and how are you balancing the life of a doctor since you became the dean of KMC Manipal?

Now I have dual responsibility. Taking care of my patients as well as the  administrative job. If you plan your day properly then you can balance your life.

4What is one particular case or an incident that will always be special to you and keeps you going even today?

Start the day early and all the surgery that goes well without any complications keeps the surgeon going

5. How has urology evolved over the years?

Technology has taken a major role in the evolution of Urology.  Now are the days of minimally invasive surgery. Almost all open procedures can be done by laparoscopy or by robots.

6. What are some qualities that you believe should be there in every medical student and then later in a doctor?

Good communication, competence and knowledge,  ethics and have empathy and sympathy.

7. What are some things in your daily life which keep you motivated and push you to keep going about your busy lifestyle?

Have time for physical activity, have time for family and friends and have time for celebration and for fun.

8. How do you change or adapt your skills to the new technologies being developed everyday in the field of medicine?

As a doctor you have to adopt to changes may be the form of new technology, otherwise you will be left out. Approach new technologies with a willingness to learn and stay up to date on the latest developments. Keep practising the new skills and master it.

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