Events & Workshops


Returning with their most anticipated event of the year, Cutting Edge, The Student Surgical Society of KMC Manipal, conducted The Suturing Workshop in the Interact Halls on 20th and 21st July 2023. Spanning over two days, the workshop promised to equip the invigorated participants… Read More »THE SUTURING WORKSHOP


On the 8th of June, Cutting Edge hosted Coloplast, a company that develops continence, interventional urology, wound and skin care products. This limited-entry Colostomy workshop was attended by 60+ people. On the occasion of National Cancer Survivors Day, all proceeds… Read More »COLOSTOMY WORKSHOP


Saturday May 13, Cutting edge introduced us to ONCALL-OGY 2.0. This version of oncall-ogy was an interactive offline session with 3 of the eminent and enthusiastic onco-surgeons.We had Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande, Deputy director of TATA Memorial Hospital Mumbai and Head of GI… Read More »ONCALL-OGY 2.0


On the 13 and 14th of March, Cutting Edge organised a skill-packed stimulating workshop called ‘4-0 Prolene’. Four important clinical skills were taught over the two days. Participants were given the opportunity to practice Dressings and Catheterization on the simulation… Read More »4-0 PROLENE WORKSHOP

Suture like a Surgeon

A considerable fraction of Manipal’s student population are medical students. Training to be a doctor goes beyond just saving lives- it comprises of, among other things, alleviating physical pains, non-invasive and invasive surgeries, and stitching the patients back to perfection! The rising… Read More »Suture like a Surgeon